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What we do

We support parents and young people who are at risk or affected by violent crime. Our own experiences give us understanding of the contributing factors and we offer support to parents by talking together and pointing them in the right direction. We provide tailor made services for young people to create greater opportunities. We work other organisations nationwide and to help to instigate improvements to youth services and other services. 

How to contact us

Most of the referrals that we receive are by word of mouth through our facebook pages 'Stopknifecrime' and 'yourcitysaysno'. We also receive referrals from our nationwide team who we work closely with daily. If you know someone who would like support or if you would like support yourself, please contact directly;

You can email us at;



How you can help

For the past year we have been completely self funded and relied on fundraising and donations from people in the local community and members of of YCSN team.

We are often faced with emergency situations where we have to act quickly to keep our young people and families safe.

We have helped to;

- Provide emergency transportation to families who need to be with their loved ones after serious stabbings.

-Supporting families that have fled violence in the home.

-Provided funds to families in crisis

- Helped support young people with mental health issues that have been evicted from their accommodation and find themselves homeless.

If you are able help by donating any amount we can continue to do the emergency outreach work that we do!


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