YCSN - About Us

Nichole & Yemi became friends through tragedy. Nichole had been bereaved in March 2018 when her bestfriends son Kelva-Jay Smith aged 20 was murdered in South Norwood. Nearly 2 years prior to this Yemi's son Andre Aderemi aged 19 had been murdered on Monks Hill, Selsdon in August 2016. Nichole, through part of her grieving process and her promise to her friend to keep Kelva's memory alive began making blue ribbons to symbolise Kelva's life and what he meant to so many different people in Croydon. Nichole had started to make ribbons and hang them up around Croydon. After a strange encounter and Nichole and Yemi spoke, Nichole decide to make pin badges to symbolise loss through murder and delivered them to Yemi. Once the pair met they quickly started making more ribbons, Blue for Kelva and Purple for Andre and Croydon became flooded with these symbols. 

At the time Yemi was involved in various different events speaking about Knife Crime and the effects that this has on the families and friends of the young that have been snatched away and after the pair attended protests on London to implement a change they decided through their many contacts across the UK that they would organise their own Campaign to raise awareness and this was in the form of a UK wide march and minutes silence for all the lives lost to serious violence. 

Key Events in the Growth of YCSN

12th October 2020 - Yemi took part in the Tribute to Keyworks as part of the BHM celebrations organised by BME Forum. You can watch it here

18th September 2020- Video for Croydon Police Youth Engagement on 'Andre' and the impact of youth violence. Released on Instagram.

6th September 2020 - Invited to attend the Community Football Match at Selhurt Sports Arena organised by Palace for Life Foundation.

29th August 2020 - As part of the online workshops we support PKC with a end of session football tournament.

23rd August 2020 - We reached our target of £5000.00 to buy 50 bleed kits for local communities.

18th August 2020 - Began the delivery of online sessions to PKC players and CPFC Academy players around, wellbeing, stop & search, county lines, grooming & joint enterprise. Funded by Player Voice.

27th July 2020 - Launch of 'An Angel gained in August' Campaign.

17th July 2020 - Yemi attended the Warren Police training venue to speak about the impact of knife crime on victims families and where some of the policing views hinder grief. (You can read about it in full on the blog page.

19th May 2020 - Took part in Online Zooms with Parental Army. This was to allow the community to come together to discuss issues whilst in lockdown.

17th February 2020 -YCSN officially became a CIC 

20th February 2020 - YCSN was invited to attend the  Croydon Mayors Knife Crime Seminar where Yemi spoke about the effects of knife crime & Bleed Control Kits.

23rd January 2020 - Took part in the Youth Work Training Course supplied by PlayPlace.

14th December 2019 - YCSN hosted the Croydonsaysno Christmas Event, including the lighting of the Tree of remembrance, release of our poster campaign and awareness video created with PlayPlace.

19th November 2019 - Yemi took part in the Spoken Word  piece by Knife Crime Victim Support Written by Quinton Green called (A Poem By Us) You can listen to it here 

2nd November 2019 - YCSN attends and supports the family of Michael Jones at the 2nd Year Anniversary of Michaels Murder at Betts Park Penge.

15th October 2019 - YCSN attended the anniversary of the murder of Duran Kajiama in Dagenham and Barking showing support to his lovely mum Beatrice.

12th October 2019 - YCSN hold their 1st Nationwide Campaign walk. 46 towns and cities across the UK walk in their local areas to raise awareness against Youth Violence and hold a 2 min silence in honour of our young people who have been murdered. YCSN worked with Undiscovered Talent UK at their event 'Pass the Mic, Not a Knife'

7th October2019 - YCSN attended the Goldspun Foundations Knife Crime Launch in Central London where Yemi Hughes was a guest speaker for Winston McKenzie. It was a fun evening enjoyed with a glass or two of champagne.

5th September 2019- YCSN created Maidstonesaysno in response to the Murder of Andre Bent and Nichole  attended a planned march in Maidstone organised by YCSN and Ade Sparco to speak to the local community.

10th May 2019 - Operation Shutdown Youtube and Google. YCSN took part in a Protest in London resulting in Yemi and a few other bereaved parents meeting with the Director of YouTube.

3rd May 2019 - YCSN made and placed ribbons at the scene of the murder of Taushaun Jones a 15 year Murdered in Hackney.

17th  April 2019 - Attended Operation Shutdown protest on Westminster Bridge. Nichole made placards for Kelva-Jay and Andre Aderemi which were used at the march and at futher events, they stood out for miles with Nicholes hand-made ribbons. Yemi Hughes spoke at the event which went on to receive 90K views on facebook due to her impactful testimony.

13th April 2019 - YCSN had a Awareness stall at the Addiscombe Community event at Ashburton Hall with Sarah Jones. Nichole worked hard at having prizes donated for our 1st community raffle.