Awareness Walk 2019

In October 2019, YCSN had their first National Awareness Campaign walk. Towns and Cities around the UK united as one to raise awareness and gai support from our local communities regarding the ongoing seriousness of Youth Violence. All over the UK a one minute silence was held at the same time to remember all the young lives that have been lost. Croydonsaysno & Birminghamsaysno put on big events in the town centers to engage the public and the young people. Others Towns and Cities took to the streets with placards whilst others set up tables with information and giving local people a voice. It was an amazing day with so much media coverage and the message of togetherness and solidarity to eradicate this level of violence in our young people was effective.



Thank you to everyone who helped to make these events a success....more to come!

Peace at Christmas Campaign

In December 2019 we ran a Poster Campaign and a video called "All I want for Christmas is you alive" We worked with PlayPlace to complete a set of Posters and a video which was shared on YouTube and Social Media. Different YCSN groups across the country also run Christmas events for their local communities and we placed remembrance Christmas trees with baubles to remember those loved ones not with us at Christmas time.  



Community Remembrance Tree

Complete with hand-made baubles made by Nichole

"Wow, made me cry. Powerful photo"

"God Bless you and each and every lovely person suffering loss."

"Bless you....this literally broke me! Sending my love and strength to you this Christmas"


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