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a tortured gift - words after murder
Eugene Scardifield

This book is written by YCSN's very own Eugene Scardifield - There is a link at the bottom of the page where you can purchase your copy.

Murder and manslaughter isn’t just one traumatic experience, it’s a series of traumatic events.Firstly you have the initial impact of finding out, then next it’s the visit to the hospital mortuary, this is followed by arranging a cremation and or a burial which has to be perfect because at no point do you want to feel that you’ve let your loved one down which is traumatic in itself. Then there’s the trial which can last anywhere between a few days and countless months but each day brings a new trauma, a new heartbreaking and painstaking blow to what’s become reality, a new bout of doubt that the perpetrator or perpetrators will somehow get away with it and walk free. There’s more questions than answers and you want to scream at them to just tell the truth.Once that’s all over and a sentence has been handed down you have to try and face birthdays, anniversaries, mothers/Father’s Day, Christmas and other special occasions which once was happy times but now feel traumatic because guilt won’t let you celebrate, know there’s a missing piece of the family jigsaw which wont allow you to enjoy it.This most recent trauma can bring back any previous traumatic experiences to the forefront of the mind so you endure it all over again which just adds to the pain and sadness.It’s not as black and white as people like to think, you see trauma is just the beginning of what is still to come.