One Slot, One Saved

The therapeutic / intervention arm of YourCitySaysNo to serious youth violence being piloted in Croydon.


YCSN believe that it is never to late to intervene in a young persons life as long as they are willing to work with the therapists and/or mentors to explore and engage in conversations that will have an impact on their future. We will always meet a young person at their starting point without putting conditions on their journey with us. Therapists and mentors work holistically together to ensure that the intervention that is  given can last for as long as it is needed and is impactful in moving the young person from their starting point to where they want to be and beyond. By working in this way we are able to mentor when mentoring is required and slot in therapy when ready whilst still having the consistency of the 'One Person' approach.  By understanding ACE's and Trauma we are able to react when a young person or family are in crisis without them having to join a waiting list which could take months. 


 ~ To provide a free, confidential and professional service to young people and families affected by and / or involved in serious youth violence, catering to individual needs. 

~ To provide a paired up therapeutic & mentoring service for young people at risk of prison / serious injury or harm.

~ To provide mentoring and therapy (if needed) to support young people at risk of school exclusion or who have already been excluded.

~ To work in partnership with and use the T.H.I.N.K BIG projects ethos to Engage, Encourage & Empower young people aged between 12 & 25 who have experienced ACES (adverse childhood experiences) to  enhance their learning and development through mentoring, training and education opportunities to meet young people's aspirations and life goals.


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