The Parental Army

Through personal experience, we recognise that there’s a need to offer parents practical support and advice, to break the cycle of isolation and sense of helplessness, when their young people suffer trauma. We can work together to make this possible, and we’ve put together a list of organisations we’ve found helpful, and we hope they’ll be for you as well.


We support young people with local youth clubs, employability programmes, music studio, motorbike workshops, sports programmes, summer programmes, community bus.


We provide specialist mentoring for 11-17 year olds with emotional and behavioural difficulties, mixed up in crime, exploitation, school exclusions and learning difficulties. We work with them to achieve behaviour change and goals and have fun on the way.


 We help parents whose child has been affected by violent crime, whether as the victim or perpetrator, by providing personal and group sessions focused on emotional support, practical information, building skills and connecting parents to other organisations that can help the family.  We enable parents to become more knowledgeable, confident, resilient people leading united families. We go at your pace and provide this service free of charge.


We equip parents, carers and guardians with strategies and tools to manage situations like school exclusions, SEND, grooming, exploitation that are due or linked to behavioural challenges amongst children and young people. To strengthen and rebuild relationships within families and communities using the Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) approach. 

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Jubilee Parenting run a range of courses and weekly support groups for parents, including those whose children have additional needs. Topics covered include building self-esteem, coping with feelings, understanding and managing behaviour. 


We support parents and young people who are at risk or affected by violent crime. Our own experiences give us understanding of the contributing factors and we offer support to parents by talking together and pointing them in the right direction. We provide tailor made services for young people to create greater opportunities. We work other organisations nationwide and to help to instigate improvements to youth services and other services.

Testimony – ‘In 2010, our 20-year-old son was arrested with five other young men under the joint enterprise law, as a young man was sadly murdered. The code of silence surrounding the murder meant our son was sentenced for 25 years. At the time I was numb with shock, fearful of reprisals against my children, ashamed and, despite being surrounded by my family, I felt desperately alone. During this traumatic time, I didn’t know where to go for help.’