Changing Police Views one step at a time

On Thursday I was invited to speak to Police Officers at The Warren about my experiences as a bereaved mother. This is something that I have done on many occasions and all I hope to get from telling 'My story' of my lived experiences is that someone who is listening is in a position to help stop the constant murders of our young people. I talk about Andre all the time and hope that sharing his story will help to change something somewhere. I have never kept it a secret about how i felt Police dealt with the attacks that we as a family had to go through for a month prior to him being murdered by the same group of boys, so when I am face to face with Officers i try to explain how it feels as a normal member of the public asking for help and not getting it. I spoke about the day that my son was killed and the impact that it has had on my life to not have been able to have been with him at the scene whilst he was still alive and fighting. I was stopped by Police and was not as his mother allowed to hold his hand at the very end. This is all a mother would want, after all we were there when they came into the world so why would we not want to be there when they have been forced to leave. I spoke about the impact of not being able to kiss or touch my son after he died and only being able to see him through the glass at the mortuary when identifying his body as part of protocol. Today I received a call from one of the Detectives that were at that talk who felt that she needed to let me know that because of what I said on Thursday at the weekend when the sad events of another person losing their life due to a stabbing occurred they understood the importance of letting his mother be part of it. Having that opportunity allows us to grieve, understand and be part of our child's final journey. I hope and pray that families continue to be dealt with correctly and communication can be better between us all so that one day these senseless murders will stop!

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