Bleed Control Kits

YCSN have been working with the BlueKit Medical, Communities and Croydon Police to purchase and place 50 Bleed Control Kits in the community for Public Access. These kits contain vital life saving equipment that can by essential minutes if a victim has a catastrophic bleed. A campaign "An Angel gained in August" was launched in August 2020 for the 4 year anniversary of the Murder of Andre Aderemi in Selsdon, Croydon. You can still support this campaign by donating at

Workshops & Training 

YCSN are currently working in partnership with Bluekit Medical and #ZeroResponder to make "How to" clips to help someone experiencing a catastrophic bleed.

YCSN has been funded by The Croydon Almshouse and Croydon Relief in need to ensure that communities are able to have the knowledge and confidence to deliver the much needed first aid as a ZeroResponder if they are in a situation where a catastrophic bleed has occurred. People who will benefit from this are;

  • Local Businesses - Businesses and organisations that have housed a Public Access Bleed Kit 

  • General Public - Anyone who considers themselves to be a hands on person who would put themselves forward to help in a life saving situation.

  • Young People - Often the first on the scene or present when incidents occur they will be given the knowledge and confidence to act and help their friends.


YCSN have created Awareness Campaigns about Serious Youth Violence in order to raise awareness and engage and compel communities to take/demand action for change. YCSN works to change the ideology that youth violence stems from gangs and specific stereotypes of victims and perpetrators and look at the contributing factors and highlight how youth violence can affect anyone including entire communities. You can read more about out campaigns here

Interactive Sessions

After Covid-19 we intend to make our session interactive and hands on so that we can continue to engage our beneficiaries in a practical way.

Advocacy and Support

We have a team of experts who are able to advocate for a range of issues.




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At Legacy Youth Zone, Whitehorse Road, Croydon


Photography provided by Gemini Snaps