YCSN - Our Work

We have been able to use our educational and personal experiences to create programs and campaigns that are suitable and necessary for Young People and Families in our Community. 

Our team are professionals in Education, Psychology, Mental Health, Youth Work, Youth Offending, Bereavement and Trauma.

Together we are able to ensure that the support and guidance that is delivered has a holistic approach which considers all angles of a situation.

With our own lived experiences we appreciate that every situation is different and that there can often be gaps in services that are provided and this is where we are able to guide people and support them on their journey to safety or recovery.

We are believers that the correct prevention work can deter and give young people the skills and knowledge that they need to avoid or seek help if they are in difficult situation. By arming young people and community members with the skills and knowledge to save a life if a situation turns violent will become the difference between life and death & finally offering the correct level of support and guidance after a life changing event can help with a quicker recovery and hope for the future knowing that support is always available. 



Because of the great networking and collaborative work that we do, we are not only able to offer 1-2-1 mentoring for Young People directly by YCSN but by some of our partnership organisations. This means that we are able to direct the support for young people to the best possible people for the best outcomes.

Workshops & Training - For Young People

In order to prevent serious situations from happening, people need to know and understand what the risks are to their safety. We have a range of workshops and training programs that can be delivered either online, in schools as assemblies to young people and professionals.

Current workshops ready for delivery are;

  • Interacting positively with police (Stop & Search, Communication & your rights)

  • Good & Bad Teamwork (Examples and skills for working well in a team and when teamwork can be your downfall)

  • Grooming & County Lines (A young persons account-How easy it is to be groomed and the dangers associated with county lines and drugs)

Parent Classes

In order to support young people in your care it is important that Parents and Carers have up-to-date knowledge of the pressures and risks that young people face. Each of the workshops and training sessions that are listed above are also available for parents to help you to understand the current lingo and culture that young people are exposed to.


We aim to provide opportunities for young people and families to take part in activities that are planned and delivered by YCSN and our partners. These can include Football, Dance, Performances and trips away. We believe that community activities are vital in building great relationships and strong communities.

Advocacy and Support

We have a team of experts who are able to advocate for a range of issues.



"It is unlikely that anyone who witnessed it could ignore the impact of the YCSN session in which the presenter enabled the participants to distinguish "good" and "bad" teamwork through an account of the coordinated actions of the young men involved in her son's murder"
~ Bev Amaechi, Player Voice